You cannot change Europe on your own. You always need partners in crime.

So, here are some of MOSAIK’s partners that have helped making our projects come true.



COME ON OVER was developed in cooperation with the French games publisher The Right to Lose Editions. The game is currently produced and distributed by MOSAIK in Vienna, Austria.

Verein 08

Verein 08

Route 28 was developed in cooperation with the Viennese association Verein08 that has been realizing creative and unconvetional art projects in urban contexts for over 10 years.



Herr&Speer is an authors duo, consisting of Vincent-Immanuel Herr and Martin Speer. The two activists, writers and students from Berlin write about politics and society, and how to transform ideas into action in Europe. They are initiators of “Who, if not us?”

Light’s Agency

light's agency

Light’s Agency is a creative agency for the good. Founder Erika Büttner helps to bring projects with social ambitions into the right light. MOSAIKs website was developed in cooperation with and designed by Light’s Agency.

Österreichische Gesellschaft Für Europapolitik (ÖGfE)

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik (ÖGfE)

ÖGfE is the Austrian Society for European Politics and, as an independent association, informs about European integration and current issues in EU politics that are relevant to Austria.

ÖGfE has partnered with MOSAIK’s cardgame COME ON OVER for the online photo-competition “#wobistjetzt” in which pupils get to name their favourite European countries to travel to.

Impact Hub Scaling

Impact Hub Scaling

Impact Hub Scaling is a program that supports 100 social entrepreneurs to scale-up locally or internationally through 8 Impact Hubs across Europe.

Within one year, a team of top mentors supports entrepreneurs to acquire the skills they require to successfully scale their Enterprise, drive social innovation forward and create positive impact.



This is what we would like to recommend: Projects & initiatives that have come up with creative and innovative ideas. Promising examples of European media. Events you should check out. Competitions that could finance your next project. Organisations with valuable inputs and/ or new approaches on the topic of Europe.
And sources of inspiration – because quite often, this is all we need…

Projects & Initiatives

1989 Generation Initiative
A group of engaged postgraduate students from the
European Institute at the LSE London that
wants to develop a bold and progressive
new mission for the EU.

A soul for Europe
A Soul for Europe is a network of interdisciplinary
civil-society representatives, supported by Robert Bosch
Foundation that aims to connect and mobilize citizens
and institutions across Europe in order to foster a
common sense of responsibility for the future of
Europe and democracy through culture.

Debating Europe
A platform for a genuine conversation between
European policy makers and citizens about the ideas
that matter to them.

Pretty cool little online series from 2013 on the work
of trainees inside the EU institutions in Brussels.

European Narratives
The European Cultural Foundation invited thinkers
and activists from Europe and beyond to share their
ideas on new narratives for Europe. The outcome is a mosaic
of inspiring thoughts.

Europe is not dead
This quirky website by Romain Seignovert shows
how full of surprises Europe can be by offering the
funniest hidden treasures about this continent and its
people, traditions and peculiarities.

Faces and Numbers
A video collection by the online magazine Paroli
that shows “Europe’s Youth in 76 stories“ and invites
viewers on a virtual journey through Europe.

Hausbesuch Europa
A performance by the group “Rimini Protokoll”
that is brought directly to your private home.
Max. 15 people can play and experience how their
own lives are connected with Europe.
(in German)

In search of Europe
The dutch performance artist Lucas De Man
travelled to 17 cities in 8 countries in 30 days talking
to change makers all over Europe. Out of this inspiring
journey came the lecture performance “De Man in Europe”
that he now stages across the continent.

A well set up connection platform, if you seek to connect
with other potential project makers, search for projects
that are already out there or promote your own.
Unfortunately not that well frequented yet…

Our Europe
A Danish couple travelling through Europe in order to
find good stories and give a personal impression of
what is going on – seen from a youth perspective.
Always seeking for change…

Speechless in Europe
A pretty cool youth project aiming to tell stories in
other ways than just by using words.


Campus Europe
Nice try by a network of students and authors
to create a truly European media, covering topics
from politics to education to lifestyle.

Europe and Me
“We like Europe. We like each other. Out of those
two facts this magazine was born.” This is what
they say about their online magazine. And we simply like it!


Citizen’s Dialogues
In this event series taking place across the EU,

the European Commissioners are listening.
A dialogue with citizens in the style of a town-hall debate.


Advocate Europe
A competition for original and transnational projects
that foster connection and cohesion in Europe.
They fund around 12 projects with up to €50,000 each.


Communicating Europe+
A Brussels based agency offering media and
communications training courses.

The UK based agency Euclid offers consultancy

and advice on EU funding. You can join very informative
and reasonable priced webinars by becoming a
member of their online service Connexus.

Old Continent
Here’s one of the creative ones: Old-Continent
is a communication agency specialised in telling
visual stories about Europe.
Looking forward to more of their stuff!

Think Europe, Europahaus Marienberg
As the strand for youth education, “Think Europe”
designs international cutting edge youth projects
at the interface of political, digital and cultural education.
Including the edgy and fun podcast “EUducation”
(in German)

Trans Europe Halles
Trans Europe Halles is a European based network
of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists.


European Voluntary Service
Go to another European country to work
in a cultural or social project, have all your
expenses covered and gain the best
experiences you can. This is a European
Voluntary Service.
Open for everyone between 17 and 30!

We are Europe
A truly European version of Pharrell Williams’
super motivational singalong song “Happy”!