You can currently book the following workshops:  

  • Event management: no need to stress out! 
    How to organise and run events with a few simple Excel Sheets. 
    No fan of Excel sheets? This course might change your mind. Katharina Moser shares her expertise on how to best plan, prepare and run events from the beginning to the end – with the help of only a few simple Excel sheets. Always starting with the “Why?” she will guide you through all essential steps you need to take in order to run a successful event, along the example of her own experiences with the event “Routes – The European Journey in the Middle of Your City”.  
    Duration: 1 or 2 days


  • European identity – what is that? 
    A European identity or the tale of two Wiener Schnitzel
    During this interactive workshop, Katharina Moser will present two initiatives that emerged over a Wiener Schnitzel and both aim to foster a positive European identity: #FreeInterrail and “Routes – The European Journey in the Middle of Your City”. Starting with those stories, this workshop will dig deeper into the concept of identity and work on the following questions: can identities be created through connection and cooperation rather than conflict and separation? How has a European identity emerged or been created so far? This workshop will not stay on a theoretical level, but also try to break down the concept of identity to a personal level: what it is that forms our very own identity and which factor do personal experiences play when it comes to a European identity? 
    Duration: 1 day