Evening event
September 12, 2019, Vienna

MOSAIK designed the evening event “Cook & Connect” for Erste Foundation and the Institute for Human Sciences.

The idea was to introduce this year’s Europe’s Future Fellows who came from all over Europe to some of the inspiring minds and hearts who put their energy into creating a better society in Austria.

In the beautiful setting of YourKitchen and with the delicious support by Soulkitchen they could cook together in a trustworthy living room atmosphere that opened them up to honest and inspiring exchange. 

“I attended a lot of events in my life. But rarely was something as inspiring as this evening.”
Bernhard Kerres, former artistic director, Vienna Konzerthaus

“This was really an extraordinary event. It was amazing, the people that you brought together.”
Bernd Marin, Austrian social scientist

“This was optimism-doping.”
Teresa Reiter, referee, NEOS 

Host: Katharina Moser

Fotos: IWM/ Christian Fischer