Servus, Bussi & Baba – and what else Europeans consider to be »typical Austrian«

Humorous Non-fiction book, 188 p. 
published by Ueberreuter

What does »typical Austrian« actually mean?

Katharina Moser has collected answers by 130 young Europeans who moved to Austria. Which clichés did they have in mind before moving there and what did they perceive to be »typical Austrian« once they live there? 

They tell stories about being irritated by a kiss on the hand or saying »Mahlzeit« (= »mealtime«) at lunch, they are excited by standing rooms in the opera and know that »Austrian« can occasionally sound like Yodeling. In the end you will discover why the typical stereotypes of mountains and »Sound of Music« are just as »Austrian« as the small detail that you will only discover to be typical once you look at them from an outsider’s perspective. 

With drawings by Thomas Wizany